Friday, July 17, 2009

FD: U Haul Truck forced off road starts fire, causes I-17 shut down

Note: Please ask the following questions...

What training did the person receive before he or she was allowed to rent the truck?
What condition was the truck in?
Did it have any inspections?
Was it safe to use?
Was the person going to fast?

FD: Truck forced off road starts fire,causes I-17 shut down

Reported by: Katrina Wessman
Reported by: Christopher Sign
Reported by: Chris Kline
Last Update: 7/16 6:07 am

BLACK CANYON CITY, AZ -- Officials say a U-Haul moving truck, possibly forced off the road by a tractor trailer, caused a wildfire that burned at least 100 acres north of Black Canyon City Wednesday.

Chief Tom Birch with the Black Canyon Fire Department said the hot underside of the truck caught the brush on fire when it left Interstate 17 north of Black Canyon City at about 12:30 p.m.

Originally, a seven mile stretch of the busy interstate was close d due to heavy smoke and flames in the area.

All lanes have since re-opened.

At 5 p.m., Air15 video showed about a 3-mile backup northbound at Black Canyon City.

See current traffic conditions throughout the state

The blaze was fought by a number of agencies including Black Canyon City, Mayer, Daisy Mountain and Bureau of Land Management firefighters.


Winds were said to be blowing at about 10 mph, according to Birch, however no structures were threatened during the fast moving fire.

The fire has been fully contained and Sunset Point, a popu lar rest stop near the fire, has re-opened after it was evacuated and closed for about two hours.

Late Wednesday night fire crews remained on the scene in an area east of the rest stop checking for hotspots.

It's unclear if anyone will face charges for causing the wildfire.

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